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What is this Citycoco passion!

It is a real phenomenon !!!

You will change your understanding of all the Scooters you know and give your life a new excitement. Offering you to rediscover your style, CityCoco offers more than an ordinary Scooter with a speed of 40 Km and a high range

Comfort Specifications
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Create your own CityCoco and reflect your style. The streets of the city are waiting for you!

Creative Ideas

Did you know that Citycoco has a safety sensor on the support foot to prevent unintentional accidents on the park position?

Create a Model

Do you know that you can customize any of 5 different Chassis colors and 26 different Mudguard options?

EEC & COC Certificates

All our models have EEC & COC certificates according to EU directives.

Remove Limits

Do you feel excited the idea of traveling 60 km with Comfort and V2, 60 Km with CityCoco S, 120 Km with City?

Our Company

Citycoco is a unique experience that adds excitement to our business model. Due to the high energy prices and the necessity of transportation, Citycoco will always continue to focus on value added products.
Why did we choose a business model like CityCoco?

We wanted to take an action on renewable energy. When we thought about nature-friendly preferences and cheap transportation alternatives, Citycoco was just a business model as we had in mind. We will be honored to see you in the our showroom.

Don't stop!.. drive to freedom!

Which one is your Citycoco?

With a speed of 40 Km/h and a range of up to 60 Km, Comfort provides quiet, more comfortable driving away from urban traffic jams. It reaches you to the target without loss of performance during climbing up to 20° tilt. You can communicate with CityCoco via your phone via Bluetooth.

The CityCoco S is a different design than the classic look. The model, which has a speed of 40 Km/h and a range of 60 km, is quite ambitious during climbing up to 25 ° tilt. The CityCoco S model used with the Lithium-Ion 20Ah Samsung battery will enjoy with 12 "Aluminum Rims, Custom Fenders and stylish tires.

Would not you like to go together and away with your own, your partner or your friend? Twins are for you. Because; 20Ah Lithium-Ion reach up to 120 km range with double the additional 20 Ah battery. It has both front and rear suspension so that the weight of two people does not disturb the comfort of the flaws on the road. Even, you can easily remove the battery at your stopping place and charge it at your desired location.

CityCoco and You

You will want to create a new excitement in your life!..

Feel this Summer with a Citycoco in the Wind! Make sure you do not want to miss this pleasure!

On sales with EEC Type Approval!

Would you like to be a Citycoco dealer and service point? Please contact us.

Create your CityCoco & Chose your Style! Choose from dozens of options using the app.

Your CityCoco

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